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Chair – Mr. Firoz Ahmad Ghazali

Mr. Firoz Ahmed Ghazali is a Acting Chair at the Fiji Commerce Commission.

He is also the Operations Manager & Site Director of Douglas Pharmaceuticals Fiji Limited. Mr. Ghazali has been attached to the pharmaceutical industry from the beginning of his career and is actively involved in manufacturing, quality assurance and control, laboratory management, new product development and operations management. His work has been published in journals, abstracts and review articles in the area of pharmacy.

Mr. Ghazali did his Ph.D from University of Otago, Master of Pharmacy and continuing with the Business Management MBA part –time program at University of Otago .Mr. Ghazali was awarded with MERT Scholarship from University of Otago in 1993, followed by Otago Scholarship from the same institution in 1994.Over the years he has acquired vast knowledge and expertise in the area of research and quality control in the laboratory industry. Mr. Ghazali began his career as Chemist Analyst at Pfizer Laboratories, Pakistan in 1979. He joined Fernz Health & Science, NZ as Quality Assurance Supervisor in 1997 and later as Laboratory Manager at Douglas Pharmaceuticals Fiji Limited. In 2002 he was the Technical Manager at Douglas Pharmaceuticals Fiji Limited and further to this, in 2004 he was responsible for managing New Product Development Program and Laboratory functions. He was appointed the Commissioner of Commerce Commission on February, 2013.

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